Human emotions

Turner analyzed a wide range of emotion theories across different fields of research including sociology, psychology, evolutionary science, and neuroscience. Lust is related to different tertiary emotions like: The first modern version of such theories came from William James in the s.

Theory, research, and experience: This theory is supported by experiments in which by manipulating the bodily state induces a desired emotional state.

With the arrival of night-active mammalssmell replaced vision as the dominant sense, and a different way of responding arose from the olfactory sense, which is proposed to have developed into mammalian emotion and emotional memory.

Towards a cognitive theory of emotions. There are related tertiary emotions like: Anger Anger is evoked due to injustice, conflict, humiliation, negligence or betrayal.

Research on social emotion also focuses on the physical displays of emotion including body language of animals and humans see affect display.

The Direction Model predicted that anger, an approach emotion, would activate the left prefrontal cortex. An attributional approach to emotional development.

List of Human Emotions

Some anthropology studies examine the role of emotions in human activities. Cognition allows her to understand it as a danger. Another secondary emotion "disgust" comprises tertiary emotions like: These odor pathways gradually formed the neural blueprint for what was later to become our limbic brain.

In the s, sociologists focused on different aspects of specific emotions and how these emotions were socially relevant. This theory is neo-Jamesian in arguing that bodily responses are central to emotions, yet it emphasizes the meaningfulness of emotions or the idea that emotions are about something, as is recognized by cognitive theories.

Others focus on the history of medicinescienceor psychology. He has said that the amygdala may release hormones due to a trigger such as an innate reaction to seeing a snakebut "then we elaborate it through cognitive and conscious processes.

The whole and its parts:.

All human behaviour can be reduced to 'four basic emotions'

List of Human Emotions Human emotions are complex. They express positive or negative reactions to external and internal stimuli.

List of emotions and feelings (FREE)

According to modern psychology, emotion, behavior and cognition influence each other. Lists of emotions. Humans experience emotion, with evidence used that they influence action, thoughts and behavior. Emotions are categorized into various affects, which correspond to the current situation.

An affect is a term used to describe the range of feeling experienced. Many theories of emotion have been proposed, with contrasting views.

An Extensive List of Human Emotions and Their Meanings

Basic emotions. Here is the list of human emotions or you need printable version you can download this list nicely arranged format here.

Contrasting and categorization of emotions

Other websites. Aristotle's List of Emotions; Book Two of Aristotle's Rhetoric; List of basic emotions including all major theorists. Sep 09,  · Opinions expressed by Forbes Contributors are their own.

List of emotions

If this entire list sounds like a recent evening with your significant other, you may want to re-assess the stability of your relationship. Free printable list of human emotions and feelings (a feelings chart) created by a professional therapist with over 24 years’ practical experience.

An easy to download document that you can use for yourself, your studies or in clinical practice.

Human emotions
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Human Emotions - List of Human Emotions